I’ve been away from blogging for a while, and my cousin asked me last weekend if she was having some technical difficulties because of course she was (so sweetly) expecting the weekly emails that I had promised.  The truth is, as I explained to her, I was purposely disconnecting for a little while.

I’ve found some of the events of the last few weeks disturbing and I needed space to process them.  I’m upset.  I’m saddened.  I pray. I ask for direction.

I have been drawn to the idea of essentialism and have been listening to a book on CD of the same name by Greg McKeown.  He suggests getting our lives- both personal and professional- down to what is actually essential.  To stop wasting our time committing to things out of guilt, habit, or feeling of obligation.

It occurred to me that if we are to truly affect change in this world, that we must be laser focused on what matters most to us.  We cannot afford to get distracted by even good or great opportunities; we must fully commit to what our role and path is.  For example, it is not my path to be on the front lines, rallying and fighting against hate groups, as much as I find them to be awful.  It is someone else’s path, and to them I am fully grateful.  It doesn’t mean I can’t speak out against hate groups in other ways, or can’t contribute my money to organizations I believe in, or sign petitions.  Because I have decided that I am not passionate about going to rallies and lobbying events, it means that I can say no to those opportunities and direct my efforts towards something else that resonates more deeply for me, and can also help to positively shift humanity in an effective way.

If we are each called to use our talents to pursue our passion in life, and focus all of our efforts and decisions to be in alignment with that, how might your life change?  Sometimes we need to hit the restart button.  We need to sit back and process, and gather or receive information.  If we constantly go, go, going, then we never have the time and space to able to determine what it is that really brings us alive.  As one of my patients recently said, she had been just going through the motions in her life, instead of really living and manifesting her destiny.  How many of us are doing the same?  How many of us do not allow ourselves the time and space to listen to our deepest longings and that voice inside our hearts?

So here’s an actionable item that truly matters: take a break.  Take time for yourself to say, if I could be doing anything with my time, what would it be?  How might I be of the highest service to humanity or God?  Take time to grieve in the face of loss, and see how it shapes your path.  Take time to question all of your choices, your convictions, and only keep what truly resonates for you.  When you get it down to what is essential, then you can make the highest impact.  You can be a force for love, for change, and for healing.

The path will be a little messy, but it’s so worth it.



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