Happy Halloween!  While today might be a fun time to dress up, play, and get some candy, it’s also a good time to reflect on what we are afraid of in our lives.  What holds us back from living the life we want to live?  I LOVE that today Marie Forleo released a video blog about that, and so I wanted to take this opportunity to share her video and other top videos on the topic.  I have a small handful of entrepreneur women who I take on as my mentors, or who I enjoy reading or watching their content, so I’m sharing my favorites with you now:


Marie Forleo’s video blog about how to overcome your fear of failure: https://www.marieforleo.com/2017/10/overcome-fear-of-failure

Marie always has a fun time with her videos, and I love that she really embraces play in all that she does, while passing along great content.  This is a short and sweet Halloween themed video, full of funny moments, and asks a couple important questions for you to consider at the end of it.  Marie is the force behind B-school, and while I’ve never taken her training, I appreciate the work she does on the planet, and the love she brings to her work.


Gabby Bernstein’s video blog, “Fear holds us in a headlock.  Here’s how to get out…”: https://gabbybernstein.com/fear-holds-us-headlock-get/

“Fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength.”  This is one of my favorite quotes that Gabby recites from A Course in Miracles, because I find it to be really true.  She unapologetically talks about the importance of relying on a higher power, and what that means.  She has many other video blogs about fear, and so feel free to search her site and watch other videos; she has a lot of great things to say about this topic.  I’ve been studying with Gabby for years, and I love her Spirit Junkie Masterclass training that focuses on spiritual entrepreneurs.  I’ve learned a lot from her, and love the work she is doing in the world.


Natalie MacNeil’s blog, “When alignment hurts like hell”: http://shetakesontheworld.com/living-in-alignment-shadow-side/

This blog is not directly about fear; she does have other articles that I highly recommend where she speaks about fear, especially when it comes to being an entrepreneur.  It is about doing what is right for you, because the pain you’d have by staying in fear and not doing what you’re meant to do on this planet is way worse than the pain of going through it.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching Natalie really bloom over the last few years, and I’m in her Conquer Club and count her as one of my most treasured business mentors.  Through her story, she asks you to address where you may not be in alignment, and challenges you to stop holding back due to fear or any other excuses.


These three women are powerful examples of what life can look like when you let go of fear, and are in alignment with your life’s purpose.  We all, including them, have moments of doubt, of worry.  However, if every day we take time to connect to our intuition, and to choose love and our highest purpose over any fear, then we will be doing the work we are meant to do on this planet.

Much love (and less fear),

Jen <3



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