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My adventure with an adult coloring book

So you may have heard about adult coloring books.  These books contain incredibly detailed drawings that adults or kids over 10 color in most commonly with coloring pencils. Recently, I had signed up for the  Blogging for Books program, and “The Time Garden” by Daria...

Buckwheat with Cremini Mushrooms and Broccoflower [Guest Post]

Today I have the pleasure of posting a recipe by one of my colleagues, Eleonora Gafton, who is sharing a gluten-free, vegan recipe for Buckwheat with Cremini Mushrooms, Broccoflower, and Fresh Cilantro.  It's a great recipe to keep you warm and fill you up while the...

Eating to Feel Good IS Eating Comfort Food

I recently read an article in the latest issue of Yoga Journal where the author was talking about comfort food, and redefining what that meant.  She stated that instead of eating our typical comfort foods (macaroni and cheese or other heavy pastas, mashed potatoes, or...

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