Summertime is the season in Chinese Medicine for fun, togetherness, parties, and connection.  One of the ways I have fun- and I don’t care if you think it’s lame- is to try new foods!  Every time I see new fruits or vegetables at the store or market, I buy them to see what they are like.  Some are good, some are kinda meh, and some I wouldn’t buy again.  But each time, it’s a little adventure.

So you might be asking yourself what I am holding in the picture.  It’s a fruit called a rambutan.  I saw a box of these beauties in Trader Joe’s yesterday and knew that I had to have them.  The exterior is rough and spiky, and a deep red color with green and black highlights.  It looks like a gum ball tree had a baby with a dragonfruit.  Inside is a soft, lightly sweet, creamy white fruit that tastes similar to a grape or lychee.

My husband and daughter were excited to try the rambutan as well and both really liked it.  I thought it was good too!  This spiky ball of fruit is the perfect symbol of the summertime to me.  It’s a firey red fun or even slightly intimidating exterior, with a soft and vulnerable interior.  The fire energy of the summer is the yin and the yang- the wild parties and the deep, intimate fireside chats.  It’s the big, celebratory gatherings, and the best friends gathering over coffee.

How do you foster connection in your life?  Do you find ways to have fun?  Even when life is busy or stressful, can you find a little way to create excitement and adventure, like having a new fruit for dessert?  I’d love to hear from you!



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